How Does Fascia Work in Nose Augmentation?

I am interesting in using fascia for my nose augmentation but I am not sure how where it is extracted from and how the procedure is like

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Fascia for rhinoplasty

 Fascia is harvested from the scalp in the temporal area. It is used  in thin skinned individual is to help with contour irregularities. It is usually wrapped around a piece of cartilage   to camouflage the edges of the cartilage graft during a rhinoplasty

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Fascia Tissue in Rhinoplasty

Fascia is tissue that can be obtained from a variety of areas of the body - usually the temporal region is most useful for obtaining this for nose work.  It tends to be long lasting and can be quite valuable.

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Temporalis fascia for contour grafting and dorsal augmentation in Asian rhinoplasty

The link below contains some graphic pictures and video, but if you are curious about how and where fascia is harvested, it will show you all you ever wanted to know.  
Fascia is a pliable, thin graft material that provides great coverage of contour irregularities, or can be sutured into a "wrap" containing fine diced cartilage (FDC) to provide a pliable dorsal augmetnation graft.  It has great long-term survival and delivers predictable results.  

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Fascia in rhinoplasty.

Fascia is used to help soften and augment the nose. It is not used for primary structure where Cartilage is better. 

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