What could be the reason for ear pain after rhino/septo/turbinoplasty if it's not an ear infection?

My Dr. looked and said it's not an ear infection. I'm 3 weeks post op and still in pain. The pain comes and goes. Two weeks ago it was only with pressure I felt pain, now it's without pressure.

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Ear pain after rhino/septo/turbinoplasty

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The most likely scenario is that you developed some ear pressure and pain from fluid present in the middle ear. The ear pain should eventually subside in this case.

However, there are many reasons for ear pain that can be unrelated to the ear itself.

Other causes of ear pain are from sources away from the ear but with nerve fibers that track back to the ear. These causes include TMJ syndrome (jaw joint pain), pain from the tongue, pain from the throat or tonsil, and thyroid problems.

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Ear Pain post Rhinoplasty

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Septorhinoplasty results in swelling in the oropharnyx which is the space in the back of your throat. The ear canals open up to the same area and cannot equilibrate well because of this swelling.

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