Overcorrected, too short, crooked miss piggy nose - 8 months post-op?

I had a humpectomy and tip plasty abroad. I asked for my doc to reduce the bulbousness and create a subtle ski-slope, celestial nose. But now I have a more bulbous nose, uneven, more visible nostrils, it’s crooked, too short, overrotated, too upturned and looks like a miss piggy nose. My nose had none of these qualities before the op, i.e. it was straight and had even nostrils which were not visible when facing straight. Can somebody please tell me what is wrong and how I can have this fixed?

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Overcorrected, too short, crooked miss piggy nose - 8 months post-op? (Photos)

Hi Katherine,

I see your concerns. Sometimes the nose can rotate up after surgery. We dont have a formal lateral pre-op view to compare but rest assured that if your nose is indeed over rotated this can be fixed. It is not an easy fix but maneuvers such as extended spreader grafts and caudal septal extension grafts (all cartilage grafts that lengthen the nose) can be used to help address your issue. Be sure you give your nose at least a full year to take its final form, however as the shape will continue to evolve. If you are truly bothered, you can at that point consider revision surgery but definitely only go to a revision specialist (a surgeon who does at least 50% revision nose cases and at least 50-100 rhinoplasties a year). I hope that helps you!

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