Jaw implants/bimaxillary surgery/chin wing for recessed jaw? Looking for a more masculine, angular shape. (photos)

Have decided to finally go through with getting surgery done, I have a very narrow (maybe recessed as well) jawline. Even at a very low body fat my face has no angularity and a weak profile view. Based on the pictures what should I be looking for in regards to surgery, implants, bimax, chin? I have attached a photo of what would be my ideal from front on view. Would be willing to travel across Australia or even overseas if needed to find a surgeon who has done similar procedures before. Thanks

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Jawline Enhancement

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To really make that kind of jawline change, a custom jawline implant is ideally needed. At the least a square chin and vertical lengthening jaw angle implants are needed.

Jaw implants

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Great questions.  Although I most commonly get questions about jaw reduction, there certainly are implants to increase the jaw width.  These can custom made if needed. 

Based on your photos, I would recommend implants for the angle of the mandible, but not the chin.

A real time consultation is the best way to have a full and accurate evaluation.

Best of luck,

Dr Rodman

Regina Rodman, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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