Deep pin size hole in open wound in arm pit after arm lift. Should I be worried? (Photo)

The opening in my arm pit appeared just days after my arm lift. My PS has seen it twice and has assured me that it will heal it will just take a little longer. I'm not worried about the scar as its right up under my arm pit. Yesterday I noticed a very small pin size hole within the open wound. I have tried to contact my PS but is away for a week. I must admit I am totally freaking out and am thinking I should head to my local dr in the meantime. It has gotten slightly bigger today. Should I be worried??

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Deep pin size hole in open wound in arm pit after arm lift. Should I be worried?

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Thank you for your question and pics.
As long as your surgeon is regularly evaluating your wound healing, I would not be too concerned about this skin separation at this time - wound problems tend to occur more commonly in this part of the body.  Also, it does not appear to be infected either.  Things you can do: maintain proper wound care as directed by your surgeon and cleanliness.  Avoid excessive movement of your arm as tension on the incision will pull on it and open it up more.  Finally, maintain frequent follow up appointments with your surgeon until you have progress with healing and resolution.  Good luck!

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Open wound days after arm lift

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Thank you for asking about your arm lift.

  • The area in the arm lift frequently causes minor problems like this.
  • I do not see a need to 'freak out' -
  • If your surgeon is away, s/he should have someone covering her/his practice -
  • Ask the office to refer you to on the covering surgeon.
  • Your regular doctor is unlikely to have the expertise to help you with regards to cosmetic surgery.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

Pin sized hole

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I am afraid that slow healing at this site is quite common.
The main concern is infection. Infection would cause pain, redness, increased temperature and swelling in the area. Serious infections could cause your temperature to rise and for you to get shivers and shakes (rigors), If this were to occur you must seek urgent medical advice. Your wound does not look infected in the picture but I can not make a full assessment from a photograph. As you PS appears unconcerned that would seam reassuring.
The small hole is not particularly concerning. Yes, it will take some time to heal up but if you are otherwise healthy it will heal. In the mean time stay in touch with your PS and keep a clean dressing over the wound. IF you think it is becoming infected then you need medical advice.
Good luck I anticipate it will all heal up. I have seen this frequently before.

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