Can you make a small nose bigger?

I know this might sound weird, but can a small nose be made bigger? My nose is really small and awkward on my face and I would like to know if it could be made bigger to fit my face. I don't mind the shape of my nose, but its just to small, the space between my nose and lips is wider than my nose, which I find really unattractive. I would like my nose to be proportional to the rest of my face.

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Augmentation rhinoplasty

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The short answer is yes, a small nose can be made bigger through an augmentation rhinoplasty, a procedure commonly performed in the Asian or Hispanic population, but also in African Americans or Caucasians. This will require cartilage for grafting purposes with the septal cartilage being the preferred donor site if available. In some cases, however, cartilage needs to be harvested from a secondary donor site such as the ear or even rib to augment the nose. You should see a rhinoplasty expert who performs and offers all these procedures to get the best surgical treatment plan in your particular case. Good luck!

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A Rhinoplasty Can Make A Small Nose Bigger

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Almost anything within reason as possible. While it is typically more difficult to make a small nose larger than it is to make a large nose smaller, it definitely can be done.  In order to see what kind of a difference can be obtained, I would make an appointment with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who does computer imaging as a part of his or her preoperative evaluation.  This way you not only will be able to see what options are available, but will be able to see what those options would look like on your face.

Michael R. Menachof, MD
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Rhinoplasty can enlarge your nose

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Thank you for the question. Yes, rhinoplasty can not only reduce your nose, but also enlarge it. This can be achieved by widening the nasal tip or adding to the bridge height. In many cases, even slight changes to the shape of the nose can produce a dramatic effect on appearance, improve your breathing, and fill you with self-confidence. As always, an in-person examination with a board-certified plastic surgeon would be the best way to assess your needs and guarantee a reliable medical advice. Best of luck! Dr. Michael Omidi.

Michael M. Omidi, MD, FACS
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Rhinoplasty to make a small nose bigger

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Yes, it is possible to make a small nose larger, however it's important to remember that the noses three-dimensional structure and it must look good in all three dimensions. Digital computer imaging would be helpful to understand what can and cannot be accomplished with a rhinoplasty procedure on your facial features

William Portuese, MD
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It is possible to lengthen or reduce your nose. It is also possible to reshape your nose in multiple areas.A photograph would be useful to aid in evaluation.

Augmentation rhinoplasty to make nose larger

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It is common during a rhinoplasty procedure to augment or make the nose larger to fit the other facial features. Generally speaking, the nose can be made larger by augmenting the nose with cartilage. This cartilage can be taken from the septum inside the nose or from other areas of the body including the ear or rib.  Some rhinoplasty surgeons prefer to use implants such as silicone or Gore-Tex to augment the nose. In my practice, I do not use foreign implants for rhinoplasty augmentation.I hope this helps

Augmentation rhinoplasty

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indeed it is possible to increase the size of a nose by performing an augmentation rhinoplasty.  Typically, cartilage, bone, and silicone implants can be used for this purpose and different surgeons have different preference is based on their experience as well as the issues involved in safety of their patient.

Making the nose bigger

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The nose can be augmented in every direction as needed using the cartilage from the septum, ear or the rib. I have described a reliable technique for making the short noses longer which I have called it tongue and groove technique for nose elongation. There is a scientific way of analyzing the nose and deciding what needs to be done to bring the nose in harmony with the rest of the face. You need to consult a board certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in making a short or small nose longer or bigger.

Bahman Guyuron, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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Augmentation Rhinoplasty

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A small nose can be made bigger using a variety of method of augmentation from implants, your own rib cartilage or cadaveric cartilage. Most such nasal augmentations use a dorso-columellar construct to build up the main support to the nose.

Making a small nose bigger

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Rhinoplasty means to change the shape of the nose.  While most patients may think of nasal reshaping as solely making the nose smaller, often times it means creating a pleasing contour of the nose to match the face.  This can mean making certain aspects of the nose wider or more projected based on what imaging and what is possible.  Prior to committing to a change to the nose, keep in mind that rhinoplasty is a permanent surgical procedure and not like purchasing a consumer good such as a television.  Imaging prior to the case can be helpful to understand patient's aesthetic desires to help surgeon and patient agree on potential changes.

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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