Is It Possible To Have Revision Genioplasty To Relocate The Implant Upwards?

Hello, I had a sliding genioplasty almost 6 months ago and my chin was augmented 8mm. I think my chin is still not projected enough and also is making my face looking longer than before. So, I would like to move it forward (about 3-4mm more) and upwards a little bit. Is it possible? is it safe? Thank you very much.

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Yes it is possible

Revision is possible, however you should rely on your surgeon's opinion as to whether this is advisable--There may be several factors that could effect the revision...was the moved portion of mandible shaped such that it can be moved up (sometimes the "tails" of the tip portion precluded upward motion),...also, is the hardware used to secure the moved portion amendable to is much more difficult to revise a sliding genioplasty than an alloplastic (other tissue) implant.

Good luck!

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Chin Osteotomy Can Be Redone And Repositioned

Redoing a chin osteotomy is both possible and safe. After 6 months the bone is likely nearly or completely healed. But the existing plate and screws can be removed and the bone recut and repositioned but forward and upward. Having waited six months for the swelling to completely go done and see what the true results are has been a prudent time period. Now that you recognize that the bone position is not ideal, the sooner you go back and resposition the chin segment the better. 

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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