I Have a Weak Chin - Do I Need a Chin Implant or Jaw Surgery?

When I was younger I had an 80% overbite. After 4 years of braces my teeth/overbite isn't as pronounced. But it isn't as good as I want it to be. Especially my profile- I have a weak chin & my upper and lower teeth don't connect properly, so my mouth is partially open. I'm more interested in getting a stronger jawline & chin, but would it be possible to sharpen/fix my profile AND fix my bite in one surgery? Or would a chin implant be better? What is the approximate cost of these procedures?

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Chin Implant

Hi there. A “strong” and well-defined jaw and chin have traditionally been attractive physical traits. As such, some patients present with concerns about a weak or recessed chin.
A more aesthetic chin may be achieved by placement of a chin implant. Interestingly, a balanced chin improves overall facial appearance and may actually influence nasal projection.For example, a weak chin may increase the severity of an overprojected nose.
Good overall medical health, as well as realistic expectations, are necessary. It is also key to understand all aspects of the surgery and aftercare. A pleasing, balanced profile can be achieved by inserting an implant to augment a weak chin, resulting in improved facial harmony.
Hope this is helpful. Best wishes.

San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Implant or Jaw Surgery?

Based on your photos, your profile would be improved by electing to have a chin implant procedure.  Please understand that this will not correct any dental/mandibular issues specifically. The cost of this type of procedure will vary based on your location, but I would first begin with a consultation from a board-certified facial plastic surgeon.  Explain your concerns and allow him/her to best guide you in person, based on your physical assessment and personal goals.  Best of luck on your journey.

Vu Ho, MD
Plano Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A chin implant could help your profile

A chin implant would likely help to balance out your profile and give you the stronger chin you want. To improve your bite, however, you likely need jaw surgery which would be a separate procedure. 

David P. Rapaport, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Chin Implant Easier, But Goals Are More Limited

Dear Eimes:  From your photographs, you are correct in thinking that your profile and facial appearance would be improved by a more prominent chin.  Chin implant placement is a relatively limited procedure, which can improve the "weak chin."  This procedure does not correct underlying mandibular problems or deformities. 

Since you describe prior orthodontic treatment and incomplete closure, I suspect that you have rather significant growth or development problems with your lower and / or upper jaws.  I agree that you would be best served by first seeking consultation with an Oral (Maxillofacial) surgeon.  They could show you how growth has affected your facial appearance, and suggest whether more extensive jaw re-alignment surgery would be better for you. 

After good evaluation and expert opinions, you may be well served by just a chin implant procedure.

Sutton Graham II, MD
Greenville Plastic Surgeon
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A chin implant will improve your profile but will not fix your bite

A chin implant will improve your profile but will not fix your bite. I agree with Dr. Beraka that jaw surgery is a major procedure. However, this is what is necessary to both fix your bite and improve the appearance of your chin. These procedures are typically performed by Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons. The advantage of undergoing the larger jaw procedure, as opposed to just a chin implant, is that this should repair your occlusion (bite) and this will lead to better long term dental health as well as improving your appearance. However, you should balance this against the increased downtime following the procedure.


Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Chin implant is safer and simpler than jaw surgery.


1)  You look like you will do great with an anatomical chin implant (really mandibular implant). It takes thirty minutes under local anesthesia with a little sedation, it is very safe, there is no visible scar, there is little pain, you look and feel fine in a few days, and the results with good surgery can be spectacular.  Jaw surgery is major.

2)  A chin implant will not improve how your teeth come together, but that does not look bad.

3)  I am afraid I have no idea about costs in Melbourne.  In New York City, it would cost you about $4500.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Orthognathic surgery for bite first!

If your teeth don't fit together well your best bet will be to start with a maxillofacial surgeon to determine if you are a candidate for orthognathic surgery. With jaw advancement and re-alignment, your functional issues (and often cosmetic!) can be improved. However, you may still require a chin implant after the final position of the bone has been set, based on your desired appearance. Good luck!

Catherine Winslow, MD
Indianapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fixing chin projection and tooth malocclusion in one surgery

It is possible to fix both your chin projection and tooth allignment in one surgery. This would involve orthognathic surgery. It's usually performed by either an oral surgeon or craniofacial surgeon. You should ask your dentist who he or she would recommend.

Chin implants or sliding genioplasty alone can help with your chin appearance but wouldn't do anything to change how your teeth come together.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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