Can I Get A Subtle Chin Implant Without People Knowing?

Ive been thinking of getting a chin implant to make a subtle difference in my chin. I really don't want anyone to know cause im a little uncomfortable with people knowing. Im only looking for improvement and not perfection- so subtle change. Is it possible to get this procedure without anyone knowing? Just looking for a honest opinion. thankyou

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Plastic surgery done right will not scream at you

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Plastic surgery done right will not "scream at you".

The right size chin implant will give you a noticeable improvement without looking fake or over-done. I also recommend liposuction of your neck to create a better neck contour.

Please visit my web-site and  photo gallery under chin augmentation and liposuction to see the results can be very natural.

Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

Can I Get A Subtle Chin Implant Without People Knowing?

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Based upon the side view photo I would say it would be very hard not to notice the improvement in your profile following surgery. 

Chin implant can give great subtle result.

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It looks like you ought to do it.  When well done, you look better but people don't know why.  You should also consider some liposuction under your chin.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

In the appropriate patient a chin implant will make a significant difference but people won't know you had it

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When a patient has a short chin and a good occlusion of their teeth, an extended chin implant placed under the periostioum (the covering of the bone of the jaw) gives a very significant improvement in the patient's profile which looks completely normal with out any evidence of surgery. There may be some swelling and brusing but these are usually mild and only last about two weeks. 

Your friends should not be able to tell you had surgery but may notice you seem to look better and wonder what you have done. Have you lost weight, changed your hair or what?


Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Subtle Change with Chin Implant

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Chin implants come in various sizes.  When consulting with your doctor a smaller implant will give you a subtle change, giving you the result that you are looking for.  

J. Gregory Kjar, M.D.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

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