What is the Youngest Age You Can Get a Chin Implant or Jaw Surgery?

Im eighteen and seriously considering fixing my week chin which im very self-conscious about.

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Chin augmentation age requirements

Before proceeding with chin augmentation you would want to make sure that your facial growth is complete. In females this is usually around 14-16 years old so at 18 you are certainly old enough.

Your options include chin implantation or sliding genioplasty surgery. If you have tooth allignment issues (maloclusion) that you want addressed as well you would need more formal oral surgery to address this.

Chin implantation is usually more straightforward but sliding genioplasty is also a good option depending on the goals. Visit with a boards certified surgeon who performs these procedures to find out what your options are.

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Chin implant works fine at age 18.


You look like you will really benefit and look much better with a chin implant and you can do it now.  It is a simple and safe operation that takes half an hour under local anesthesia with a little sedation.  There is very little pain, and you look fine in a few days.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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