Can sleeping on your ear make it stick more out? (photo)

The ear on my right side (see picture), sticks a little more out than the one on the left. I guess this is a normal variant - is it? But most importantly, I am wondering: Can it be that the ear sticking out has been caused by me sleeping on it (more than the other)? Like from the pressure? I've heard people talk about that this can happen; but I feel like this is a typical myth-thing. I seek your advice to confirm if I am right or wrong. Thank you a bunch for your time, docs!

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Can sleeping on ear cause it to protrude more?

Sleeping on your ear should not cause it to stick out more.  I would say that you just have some minor asymmetry between your ears, as many people do.  

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The short answer is no.  After the first few weeks to few months of life, the ear cartilages cannot be easily molded or changed by pressure, specifically favoring one side to sleep.  Most people have ears that are subtly different -- this is perfectly normal.

Good luck!

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Ear Sticks Out

The short answer is "no".  Sleeping on your ear will not make it stick out.  And you are correct; minor asymmetries are the norm. 

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