Would surgeons agree to ear pointing and sculpting? (photo)

I wanted to see which surgeon would agree to perform this otoplasty in the tristate area (I'm willing to travel too). I want to get "elf" ears done that most of people would find freaky (I'm well aware I still want it). I'd go to a body modifier who wouldn't judge me and charges $400 but I really would like to get the procedure with some kind of anesthesia (which body modifiers are not allowed to use) that's why I'm willing to pay more. Who would agree to do this and how much will it cost?

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Ear Pointing Surgery

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We can argue long and loud if "body modification" is any different than wanting tattoos, or piercings,  or round, fake-looking breasts. Many consider this to be "mutilation". The philosophical issues aside, you will have difficulty finding a board-certified surgeon who will do this kind of surgery. But some individuals want this and are willing to pay for it. And money talks!  Please keep in mind that a "body modifier" may not use proper surgical and sterile technique.  An infection following this kind of surgery can rapidly destroy the ear cartilage and significantly deform the ear.  And this is essentially not fixable.  So if you "must" do this, please investigate very carefully the person you choose to do it.  Make sure that the results have been largely successful and not otherwise. 

Charleston Plastic Surgeon

Body modification

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Goes against what plastic surgeons are taught... To restore or enhance 'normal'.  But I'm sure you could find a surgeon who would take the money to do this.  Please make sure your surgeon can warranty the work in case you don't get what you desire.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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