Is there a surgery to make my ears stick out a little more? (photo)

I had otoplasty done almost 3 months ago but I'm not really happy with the result. I am aware that for the full healing to take place another 4-6 months should pass. My main concern is that my ears, in my point of view, are extremely close to my head. This to me looks unnatural. It makes me look like I have no ears. It makes me feel sad too. I currently put cotton balls behind ears to make them stick out more. Hoping this will permanently fix them. But I don't think so.

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Is there a surgery to make my ears stick out a little more?

Hello Hellodoctore.
I can see that the middle parts of your ears were pinned too closely to your head so that, in relation to these, the upper ends of the helix are slightly too far from the head. Your ears could have already attained their final position 3 months after the operation. However, it could also be that the final result is first seen after 6 months or later. Thus, I advise you to still wait several months more. If after a year, there has been no change to the present, very close position of your ears in the middle part, a surgical revision will depend on whether you were operated on with the traditional method or with the stitch method. If your ears were operated on with the traditional method, it is often no longer possible to bring the ears out again to the satisfaction of the patient because scars, that always develop due to the big wounds of this method, hold the ear firmly and can sometimes even pull the ear closer to the head when they shrink. The correction would be simple, if you were operated on with the stitch method. All that is needed here is to remove the stitches again with a small minimally invasive procedure, and bring the ear in another position, as desired by you, by placing new stitches.

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Otoplasty Overcorrection

Yes, there are surgical modalities that will rectify your problem. Please consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Correcting Overcorrection in Otoplasty

The most common cause of ears "too close to the head" after otoplasty surgery is surgical overcorrection.    Correction of this problem can be easy or fairly difficult based on the techniques used by the surgeon.  If internal sutures were used to reshape the ear, these can be removed and the ear tissues released quite easily.   If cartilage was removed to help move the ear closer to the head, it is more difficult to restore ear shape.  Correction in this case may involve placement of cartilage or an implant behind the ear to prop the ear up.  

First, I would meet with the plastic surgeon and discuss your concerns.  It may be that he/she would follow you over time, and if the overcorrection did not improve, a revision could be performed.   I would also ask for a copy of your operation report so that you could consult with other doctors if your surgeon cannot assist you.  

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