Will my ear ever get it normal shape back after otoplasty? (photo)

I had my otoplasty 4 weeks ago. My left ear is perfect, but the right ear is really starting to scare me. My right ear is still slightly swollen but has a dip in it and looks totally un proportional. Take a look at the pictures I posted and please help me. I haven't been wearing my headband at night bc I'm scared to hold my right ear back and the dip never come forward. I've even went as far as taping my ear (the part that dips) forward at night Thank you all very much

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Will my ear ever get it normal shape back after otoplasty?

Hello Colbyjames4369,
The dip is located in the middle third of your helix on your right ear. If you didn’t already have this dip before the operation, then it probably came about either as a result of a commencing scar formation at this part of the helix pulling it inwards, or a thread being positioned too laterally. Basically, nothing can be said yet about the final result just 4 weeks after an operation. This can first be seen 3 months after the operation at the earliest, but sometimes it can first be seen 6 months after the operation. If you were operated on with one of the traditional methods, it could be possibly difficult to correct this dip, especially if the dip is held firmly by scars. However, if you were operated on with the stitch method, then it is very easy to correct this dip. One would just have to remove the middle thread and then possibly replace it with a new thread that would no longer be positioned so far laterally (close to the helix).

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Otoplasty (ear pinning)

Correction of prominent ears is one of the most satisfying surgeries for patients and surgeons alike. The risks are low, but can happen. One such risk is the potential for uneven or asymmetric ears post-operatively. Certainly this can be fixed if it occurs, but waiting for 6-12 months for any residual edema or swelling to go down is wise as the ear can change as it heals. Stay in contact with your surgeon to discuss these concerns.

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