Can Silicone Gel Pads Flatten Raised Scar Tissue?

I have a scar on my chin. I had skin cancer removed. The scar looks to have stretched a litle in the middle and the sides are raised a little making the accual scar look deep. I have bought scar care silcone gel pads. Do you think this will help flatten the tissue on the side of the scar?

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Silicone gel sheets help, but don't solve.

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Yes, silicone gel scar sheets (or liquid you can paint on) do help to flatten and fade thick, red scars. These are technically called "hypertrophic scars" and are not true "keloid" scars as many people call them, including some doctors. Hypertrophic scars form only in the location of the actual trauma and do not grow and spread outside of the trauma line, although they may become wide and raised.

Over time, these hypertrophic scars usually do fade and flatten on their own, especially with regular massage, so the gel sheets may just be helping to speed up this process. Unfortunately, nothing except re-excising and resuturing the wide flat scar can help narrow it.

Managing scars

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Depending on the location, cause of the scar, how the scar is healing, etc.... there are several options:

In general the following can help:
1)  Silicone dressings rarely hurt how scar heals, and often helps
2)  Use of scar gels (e.g Scar Recovery Gel) can also help
3)  Use of steroids for hyperactive scars (e.g. Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars)
4)  Use of lasers to blend in the scar to the surround tissue
5)  Massage to help during the remodeling process
6)  Embrace dressing during the active scar formation period to reduce tension

Silicone gel sheeting for raised scar

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Use of silicone gel sheeting (recommended 90-day treatment duration, on at night, off during the day) can improve the over-all appearance of surgical scars. I would advise you to begin massaging the raised areas as well several times daily to help break up some of that scar tissue. For immature scars that have a pink/red component, vascular lasers can be beneficial as well.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

Silicone sheets doe work on raised scars

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Yes it is possible that the silicone gel sheets will produce flattening of the scar. It will not make it less wide. It may take 4-12 months to see its; full effect

Silicone sheeting and scar pads for keloids

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It sounds as though you have had successful removal of a skin cancer with surgical margins, resulting in dog ears at the edges of the incision. This can occur with wide excision of skin cancers with margins in areas that do not have redundant tissue. In this particular case, silicone sheeting will not decrease the thickness of the dog ears, as the tissue is generally well perfused.

Patients with true hypertrophic or keloid scars may benefit from conservative measures such as silicone sheeting, TAC injection, and massage.

Flattening Raised Scars

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Silicone gel sheeting will certainly help but will be noticeable on the chin. Topical silicone which dries clear such as #BioCorneum or #ScarGuard might suit you better. 
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Silicone sheets work very well for raised scars

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Silicone sheets work. The mechanism of action is not very clear but it could be related to creation of electro-static activity and compression. NO side effects from using it. Best of luck!

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