Creams for Keloid Removal?

I cut my hair and ended up having a pimple-size bump on the back of my head. It bleeds and even sometimes pus came out. At first I ignored it, thinking it will go away. But now there's even more and have gotten a little bigger. I thought it could be keloids; if so how, do I prevent them and make them go away? Is there a keloid removal cream or something I can put it. I tried to using rubbing alcohol and even benzoyl peroxide cream but nothing works. Can someone please help me out? Thanks.

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See A Dermatologist

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My recommendation would be to see a dermatogogist rather than self diagnose. From your description I think you might have a folliculitis. If you have a tendency to acne keloidalis nuchae then your condition will certainly get worse without treatment. Benzoyl Peroxide is somewhat helpful but there is no such thing as a keloid cream ( even if you find it advertisised on the internet..take it from me there is no such effective thing aside from a topical antibiotic and BP)

It is possible you havae perfolliculitis capitis which is often associated with keloids. This is very difficult to treat. It is felt that staph aureus is acting as a superantigen which is making it very difficult for your body to destroy. This requires fairly intense treatment.

Hope this helps.

Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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