Can shape of a nose be changed by a sudden impact?

i am 19 year old and one of my friend hit my nose by his hand unintentionally while dancing No bleeding nor any swelling i just want to ask if my nose shape could change please tell.

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Can shape of a nose be changed by a sudden impact?

It is possible, but an exam would be necessary to make this determination.

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Shape of the nose changed by a sudden impact

The shape of the nose can be changed by a sudden impact from a frontall or tangential blow to the nose. There are several issues that can occur which include fracturing one or both nasal bones, fracturing one or both upper lateral cartilages off of the nasal bone, or a deviated septum created from septal fracture. All these are addressed with a combination of reducing the nasal fracture with osteotomies and placement of cartilaginous spreader grafts.

William Portuese, MD
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Nasal Trauma

If you were hit in the nose and you did not have a nose bleed, nasal pain, nasal tenderness, nasal swelling, difficulty breathing, or a crooked nose, you most likely didn't do any damage to your nose. What you see is what you get. Your nose won't change in the future because of this relatively insignificant trauma.

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