Should my hematoma be surgically removed or wait 6-8 weeks and be drained?

Hi I'm about 2 weeks post gynecomastia surgery and my doctor determined that I have a hematoma due to an impact I suffered by someone elbowing me at an amusement park. He says I need to wait 6-8 weeks to let my body break down the hardened blood that has accumulated under the nipple. The he will attempt to aspirate the broken down fluid. I've read that surgery is the only way to get the hematoma out. Is my surgeon right or should I have the hematoma surgically removed?

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Should my hematoma be surgically removed or wait 6-8 weeks and be drained?

If you have a true formation of a hematoma the clot will only harden and could not be aspirated. A seroma on the other hand could be aspirated at a later time. 

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Haematoma advice

It all depends on the amount of blood.  A small amount of blood in the tissues after surgery is quite normal and it is this that causes a bruise.  If the puddle of blood is too large it can potentially take a long time to be cleared by the body and leave scar tissue and irregularity in its place.  It is sensible for you to go and see your surgeon so that it can be evaluated.  If small it can be left alone but if large it may need a needle to drain it now or once it has turned from a jelly like state into a liquid.  If very large it may need surgical drainage.  Best wishes

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Hematoma after gyne surgery

Every surgeon has their own protocol for how they treat post-operative issues. I aspirate a hematoma when it is detected to promote healing and limit swelling, bruising, infection, etc... Surgery is not typically necessary. 

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Caring for Hematoma Post Op

It is best to call your surgeon and inform she or he of your concern. She or he may ask for you to visit their office for an in-person #evaluation. Then the #hematoma can be cared for. If at any time you have any concern at all about your healing process, it is highly suggested to contact your surgeon to avoid a possible emergency later.

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