Donating Plasma Before Rhinoplasty.

I donate plasma twice a week, wondering if I can continue to donate up until my surgery date or if there's a specific timeframe I should stop to make sure it doesn't affect my surgery. In good health, not on any medication.

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Blood donation before surgery

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That is great that you are donating your plasma to help patients who need it. I would recommend that you do not donate your plasma two weeks prior to your surgery.

Donating plasma

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It's great that you donate your plasma .  It's a wonderful thing to do.  There's probably no problem continuing to do so, but play it safe and stop donating two weeks before your surgery.  Good luck!


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Dear livelearnlaughlove, Personally, I would not want my patient to donate plasma after their pre-operative lab-work for surgical clearance is run a few weeks prior to surgery. While rhinoplasty surgery has minimal blood loss it is advised to be in your best shape to recover from your procedure and I would refrain from donating until you are fully recovered from your procedure. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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There is probably no issue with donating plasma up to close to the time of your rhinoplasty. But just to be safe and if there is no compelling medical reason that you are donating plasma, you should cease from doing so two to three weeks before surgery.

Donate plasma before rhinoplasty?

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While it's likely OK to continue blood and/or plasma donation up until the day before your rhinoplasty, this question should be directed to your surgeon.  There is significant reserve oxygen carrying capacity if your blood volume and red blood cell count remain normal or close to normal.  Rhinoplasty is typically associated with minimal blood loss.  Still, recovery from any procedure and healing are physiological demands, and it's likely in your best interest to preserve your strength at maximal levels.  Personally, my advice would be NOT to resume your donation schedule until after satisfactory recovery from your rhinoplasty.

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