Surgical notes after rhinoplasty.

I had rhinoplasty recently and I asked my surgeon for my surgical notes so that I could see what was done to my nose during the operation - I was sent a piece of paper with jotted down notes that I could not understand... apparently this is how all surgeons do it and no surgeons type up surgical notes - is this correct? I cannot understand the writing so I still don't know what was done to me during surgery... please advise...

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Operation note

Communication is the key and at least the surgeon should be able to read his/her own  writing. But many of the terms may be medical terms so your surgeon or even another surgeon you choose to see for a second opinion may need to sit down and explain the terms to you 

It's your right to have the operation report.

The surgeon isn't required, at least in the U.S., to have a prettily-typed up operation report, but he does have to have a detailed accounting of what was done. It's fine if what he sent you is all there is, but then it's his obligation to translate it for you!!! Call the office back and ask for a translation into English. 

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