What type of chemical peels can be used after a dermaplaning treatment?

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Reverse it

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My recommendation would be to do the peel first (a light peel either glycolic 20% or lactic acid or Alpha Hydroxy peel), let the skin dry thoroughly and then do the dermaplaning. If you do it the other way around it becomes more aggressive and cause lots of burning sensations to the skin.

Myriam Castillo
Medical Aesthetician

New York Plastic Surgeon
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Immediately after dermaplaning your skin will be much more sensitive to any skin irritants or peels. If you are going to have a peel in combinations with dermaplaning, a superficial peel would be the safest choice. Superficial peels would include a "AHA" alpha hydroxy acid or a salicylic acid peels. If you were going to wait a week or two before the peel...more aggressive peels can be used. 

Ultimately, the choice for skin resurfacing and treatment depends on your skin and your desires. I would recommend evaluation with a plastic surgeon before commiting to any specific treatments. 

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