Dermaplanning Combined with Lactic Acid Peel Resulted in Hyperpigmenation and Scarring?

about three weeks ago, I had a actic asid peel which was suppesed to be very light, I also told that I ahve very sensitive skin, and I am Asian and may be I should have it done, I was told it is OK as long as I put sun protection, so she did derma planing and then put lactic asid for 2 min. Now I have hyperpigmentation and scarring and I devastated and so depressed, that I did that to myself. Is there any possibility to get my skin back where it was?

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Combining chemical peels with dermaplaning may be harmful.

Combining chemical peels with dermaplaning may be harmful. I hope you are seeing a dermatologist. There are a number of things which could be done by an experienced dermatologist to reverse the problems you describe.

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