Should I get a revision or alarplasty? What would happen if l removed my silicone implant? (photos)

I got my the bridge of my nose raised with nasal implant and my tip got worked on to make it more projected. I don't like the bridge and would like it removed. Whenever I smile, my nostrils flare. And the tip looks like it's shifted downwards whenever I smile. My one profile is different from the other. I just got it done 1 month and two weeks ago. Should I wait longer? Will my nostrils change and tip go up? Should I get an alarplasty rather than get it removed?

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Removing Silicone Implant - Nose

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It is important to wait approximately 1 year before committing to a revision rhinoplasty. The nose needs time to heal and swelling needs time to disappear. If one ultimately decides to remove a silicone implant, some type of graft would likely have to be used in it's place in order to keep the nasal dorsal at an aesthetically pleasing height. One type of material I have used successfully in the past includes diced septal or rib cartilage wrapped in fascia (a tough material borrowed from the side of the head.) 

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Asian Rhinoplasty - 6 weeks post -op

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At 6 weeks post-op, its a little early to judge outcomes. There is swelling that could take anywhere from 8 to 14 months to resolve. Usually at the 6 month mark, you should start seeing some positive changes, if you dont consider talking to your surgeon about it or getting a second opinion.



Oleh Slupchynskyj, MD, FACS
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Noses are never perfectly symmetric.  It is a bit early and the nose may still be swollen. Best to give it more time to heal. If you want it removed, it can be done.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Timing of Surgical Revision Following Rhinoplasty

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Unfortunately, at six weeks post surgery, your nose is still far too swollen for you to assess the final result.  At about six months following rhinoplasty surgery, approximately 90% of the swelling should be gone, and at that point it may be appropriate to discuss the possibility of a revision procedure with your surgeon. Until that time, my counsel would be for you to be patient, and allow things to heal, and then reassess.

Peter Lee, MD, FACS
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