I really regret my nose job. Is it possible if second time nose job can bring my old nose and is it safe?

Hi Doctor, I had surgery 3 weeks ago.I really regret it.My new nose never suit my face.I had typical asian nose a bit short and wide.Now my new nose a bit high and narrow.They put silicon in my nose and removed my small bone.I really miss my old nose.I only want my old nose.Please is it possible if second time surgery can bring my old nose and is it safe? After surgery i feel so bad,depress, stress and everyday i cry. Please help me doctor? I can not stay rest of my life like this situation.

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Bringing back old nose

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You are too early in the healing process to think about a revision. In general the swelling continues for up to a year after a primary rhinoplasty. There are very few exceptions to the general principle to wait for a revision surgery. I would give it at least three months and then you can speak with a revision rhinoplasty surgeon to see what is possible. Even at that point, there will be swelling that needs to subside. 

Best of luck

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Reversing nose operation

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Can you please send photos - it is not a good idea to have any reversal of surgery until you have had a second opinion of a long discussion with your surgeon 

In principle however ti would be possible to return you nose back close the former shape but a long discussion with your surgeon or another rhinoplasty surgeon would be needed

Also swelling will be adding to size and distorting things still so at least 6 months wait is vital

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