Can a thin nose be made to look wider without breaking the bones? (photos)

I don't like how My bone structure stands out on my face it makes me eyes look far apart and also stand out. Can my nose be made to look wider like the photo on the right? If so what is the procedure is it complex?

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Rhinoplasty to make a thin nose wider

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Spreader grafts can accomplish widening the mid-third of the nose by placement of these cartilage grafts underneath the concave upper lateral cartilages. For more information of many examples, please see the link and the video below

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How to make a nose look thicker

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HI wat0016,

  In my opinion, I think that your tip could look a little smaller and more defined. This alone will make the middle part of your nose look less out of proportion with your tip. If you want the middle part to look a little bit thicker, grafts from your septum, which the part of your nose that divides it in half,  could make it a little wider.

You should definitely see a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasties to discuss your options.


Dr. Christine Rodgers

Making a Nose Wider - Spreader Grafts

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There are several ways to increase the width of a nose and many reasons why this might be necessary. The best way to increase the width of the middle third or "middle vault" is by placing spreader grafts. Pieces of cartilage can be harvested, ideally from the septum, and placed along the dorsum of the nose extending from the nasal bones to the nasal tip. In a nose that is too narrow, this can add width, create aesthetically pleasing "dorsal aesthetic lines" and create a smooth symmetric attractive appearance. Spreader grafts can also help with overall nasal structural support and help correct nasal airway obstruction.

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Nose profile

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Based on your photo, the bridge of your nose looks like it fits your face well.  If I were to suggest any place for improvement (based on one image, which is not very reliable), it would be to give your nasal tip more definition to fit the bridge, not the other way around.  

See a surgeon who can do 3D simulations and have a simulation done to show you how these changes will look before making a decision for surgery.

Jason J. Hall, MD, FACS
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