Is It Normal Not to See Rhinoplasty Results Right Away?

I had a Rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. According to my surgeon, the tip has been enhanced and the base has been narrowed. But up until now, I don't notice any changes at all (not even a minor). Is this normal? I know that the healing process takes long time and final results wont be realized prior to 12 months, but I guess at this stage I should be able to notice a difference.

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Nose is too swollen to see final results

Since it has only been two weeks since the surgery it is impossible to even begin to see the results yet. The nose is still too swollen. At approximately one month after the surgery you may start to notice what the new nose will look like, but it does take a considerable amount of time for the swelling to settle down over the next year.

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Appreciation of Rhinoplasty Results

Two weeks after surgery it is impossible for you to appreciate any difference in your nose. It would be very difficult for me to look at you and accurately predict the final result, even though I have 32 years experience with this operation. Ask your surgeon; He/she saw the nose at the completion of surgery before the swelling occured. Patience will be helpful.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Seeing Rhinoplasty results often takes time

Following Rhinoplasty, the nasal skin and soft tissue envelope are invariably swollen. The amount of swelling (also called edema) can vary depending on several factors. One factor is the technique of the surgeon and whether the Rhinoplasty was performed "open" versus "closed".

Open Rhinoplasty patients often have somewhat more edema that persists a little longer compared to closed rhinoplasty patients. Skin thickness is an second factor that can affect the amount of swelling and how long it takes to see the results. In thicker skin patients, the results often take longer to become apparent. Regardless, the nose is usually swollen for the first 2-3 weeks following surgery, after which the amount of edema lessens and is less noticible to the casual observer.

C. Spencer Cochran, MD
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