Smelling Strong Chemicals a Month After Rhinoplasty?

I was fixing my Xbox 360 yesterday, and to clean the CPU and GPU from the old residue, I used a strong chemical and it caused me to sneeze a lot (sneezed through my mouth) and caused me to drip a lot of wet boogers! Can it cause any long term damage or should I be okay? Thank you.

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No need to worry

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Chemicals that you inhale should not cause any long-term damage to the nose. What you are experiencing is a simple reaction to the chemicals on the internal nasal skin lining, which cause you to sneeze.

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You should be fine

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Strong odors usually do not cause any damage to you, even after a rhinoplasty. You probably had a reaction to a nasal irritant, which caused you to sneeze and your  nose to run. This is all perfectly normal and you should be fine.

Theda C. Kontis, MD
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