Bone-like Bumps in Bridge After Rhinoplasty

I had Rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago today to reduce a small hump in the bridge of my nose. However, since the cast came off a week after surgery, I noticed 2 bumps on both sides of my nose below my eyes on the bridge right where the bump was removed. Feels as if they are getting bigger. It feels as hard as bone! What is this, will it go away? Do I need filler injections? I need answers. Please help.

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Give it time after rhioplasty: 3 weeks is too early

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Do not do anything.

This is normal for now.

Any cut bones will develop callus around the fracture site and this can be quite prominent and increase in size for 3-6 weeks after surgery.

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon but give it time for healing to occur. This is too soon to draw any conclusions about the final appearance.

Rhinoplasty: Outcomes After Hump Removal

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The dorsal hump is created by both the contour of the nasal bones (upper half) and the septum (lower half). During hump removal the bone is frequently rasped, or filed, down and the cartilage is trimmed to the appropriate level. Often, when a hump is removed the nasal bones must be narrowed by in-fracturing (osteotomies) because hump removal can leave a gap in between the nasal bones along the bridge.

It's possible that you are feeling uneven edges of the nasal bones where the hump was removed. When osteotomies are performed too high along the nasal side wall (to closed to the brige) the edges can become palpable. Irregularities of the nose are common following rhinoplasty, especially during the early recovery period. With time, these irregularites often resolve as healing progresses. The best thing is for you to visit with your surgeon.

Give it time

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It is not uncommon to have lumps and bumps after rhinoplasty. Sometimes this is blood collected under the lining of the bone. Usually these go away, even if they feel hard. Try some warm compresses on your nose and wait. Noses change a lot during the first six months after surgery. Talk to your doctor about it, but likely he or she will advise you to just give it time. Do NOT use fillers on your nose at this point.

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It could be some irregularity where the hump was removed

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Hello Kay

As sweling goes down, you are more likely to feel the true contours of your new nose. I you feel two bumps that are hard as bone, they probably are bone. As long as they are not visible, you need not worry too much. However, if they are visible and detract from your appearance, it may be necessary to go back and rasp them in a second operation. I would not advice fillers as they are temporary and you would need them for the rest of your life.

Return to your surgeon and point hose bumps out. Ask him/her if there is a likelihood that they will need smoothing out with a second operation. Revision rhinoplasties happen anywhere from 5-15 % of the time, so it is not unheard of to go back to make a small adjustment.

Edge of the nasal bone

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After the bones are reduced and the hump resolves the cut edges of the bone are present. Most doctors will fracture the bones to conceal these cut edges. If they remain, you may feel them or see them as you describe. At first, the swelling hides these bumps, but as the swelling resolves, the bumps become apparent. See your doctor and let them help you out.

Possibly bony fragments from surgery

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During the procedure, the bones are usually broken.  Bone fragments or edges of the fractured bones may be the reason.  You may have swelling, but the fact that they feel like bone is telling.  Talk to your doctor.



Bumps on nose bridge after Rhinoplasty could be bone

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It is very early and the bumps may well go away. Ask your doctor if it is ok to massage the areas. You won't know until 3 months if the bumps are going to resolve.

One possibility is if you only had the nasal hump rasped and a full Rhinoplasty was not done is that the left and right nasal bones are protruding. This is called an open roof deformity. Typically during a full Rhinoplasty, after the nasal hump is rasped down, the right and left nasal bones are osteotomized or broken so that they may be moved in towards the middle to restore the nasal dorsum. If this was not done, the two bones may be protruding under the skin.

The other possibility is that 2 small bone chips are left under the skin.

Speak to your doctor. Hopefully, this all will resolve with massage.

Bone-like bumps in the bridge after rhinoplasty

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Since it has only been 3 weeks from your rhinoplasty surgery, its important to be very patient in the healing process. Full healing takes at least a year. Best to check with your original surgeon to have them evaluate your nose. Do not place any filler injections in the nose at this point. Remember bone and cartilage is living tissue and it is common to get very small irregularities across the bridge of the nose after a rhinoplasty procedure. For many examples, please see the link below

Mild Contour Irregularities Following Rhinoplasty

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                  It’s not unusual for patients to have mild contour irregularities of the nose following rhinoplasty. In most cases, they can be felt but aren’t easily visualized.

                  These irregularities are often due to bone and cartilage remnants where the dorsal hump was removed. As swelling resolves they sometimes become more noticeable.

                  It’s important to be patient, because the vast majority resolve with time. In some cases secondary revisional surgery may be necessary. If you’re concerned about post-operative nasal contour irregularities it’s important to discuss this issue with your surgeon. 

Bumps on the nasal bridge after rhinoplasty: help!

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Following nasal surgery, if the nasal bridge (dorsum) has been operated on then it goes through several stages of healing. It is not uncommon for some  bone and/or cartilage to be removed by a rasp or other instrument. No matter how gently this is performed, the nose interprets this a traumatic and will begin over ensuing weeks to heal this trauma. If collagen or new bone cells are produced, one may feel or even see a new "bump".  Swelling or old blood will subside in time. But if the new "bump" does not, then sometimes very small droplets of 'cortisone' may help it subside. Or if a sliver of cartilage is present, a small needle carefully angled through the skin might shave it down. But if a visible 'bump' remains after full healing has occured and it bothers the patient, then a secondary  procedure might be needed at a later date to smooth down the dorsum. 

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