Nasal Hump Not Removed Properly by Rhinoplasty?

I had Rhinoplasty a month ago, and there is still a bump, it's just not as prominent. It feels bony and pretty dense. I'm guessing my surgeon never got rid of it all. I did a bit of studying on this issue, and had read in some forums that this could be hard swelling. But when I say this is hard, I mean hard, like bone. I think my surgeon is lying and that he did a poor job at removing my nasal hump. Any opinions on this?

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Nose reshaping goes on for a very long time

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At one month you are still healing....In most males conservative hump removal in the norm because you would not want to have a slope in your nose that would appear more feminine. As time goes by the bridge will subside unless there is an abnormal accumulation of scar tissue. Be patient but do ask your surgeon how low he brought the bridge to. You may have wanted it lower than he was thinking.

It is too soon to say.

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 Though the area may feel like bone, it may or may not be. A month is to soon to say what is going on. See your original surgeon and discuss your concerns. Ask him what the plan will be is 6 months if the bump is still there.

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Wait for several more months

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Hi Ralph,

I have seen this scenario several times before with my patients. If the surgery was done correctly, the bump should resolve even if feels like it is as firm as bone. In many cases the swellilng that results in the periostium (vascular covering of the bone) can feel as firm as bone when felt with the fingers. If you had a particularly large bump, the time it takes for this type of swelling to resolve will be longer, but it will probably go away. I have seen this type of swelling persist for about seven months. But it can last for up to a year.

In the event that it does not resolve given the appropriate amount of time, this type of under-reduction can be easily corrected with a touch-up rhionplasty procedure. The best thing to do is ask your surgeon what he/she remembers about the surgery. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see what the surgeon saw in the operating room, but if he/she tells you it was removed to the amount you wanted, then you will at least be reassured.

I hope this helps.

Behrooz Torkian, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Wait till all swelling are resolved

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The final result of the of the rhinoplasty will be six months after the surgery . If you bonie bumps on the dorsum and not improving ,please let your original doctor to take care of it. We all take pride in our work and I am sure your doctor will do his best to fix the problem. Rhinoplasty is a difficult procedure and some times you will need revision.

Hump after rhinoplasty

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Sometimes there are some residual bumps along the nasal dorsum after a properly performed rhinoplasty. These could be due to swelling, the way the bone is healing or some soft tissue in the area. It is always best to wait several months after a rhinoplasty to allow for proper healing and let the tissues settle down. The majority of the time these disappear and nothing needs to be done. In the case that the bony hump wasn't completely removed then this can be filed down quite easily under some local anaesthesia by your surgeon. Good luck.

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