How to Fix a Crooked Nose?

I got into a bar fight about 15 years ago, and had my nose broken. It healed crookedly, and has been that way ever since. How can it be fixed? Where can I go to have it done?

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Go to a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon to fix your crooked nose

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Hi A,

The correction of a nose with a deformity like yours requires a complete evaluation of the structural components of the nose from the inside out.

The fractures you have sustained most likely has resulted in fractures of the bone at the bridge, and the cartilage in the septum. Often the cartilage of the septum is dislocated from its connections at the floor of the nose. This results in a complete shifting of the internal and external frame of the nose.

In correcting such a deformity. It would be best to begin by correcting the deformities, and fractures in the septum first. Next the connections of the framework of the sidewalls to the septum at the bridge, and then the bones.

With these methods, it is certainly possible to correct the appearance and give you your breathing back too.

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Fixing a crooked nose

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Fifteen years after the trauma your nasal appearance and function will not improve without surgical intervention. A good nasal surgeon will thoroughly examine your nose and then explain exactly what is necessary and establish reasonable expectations if you decide to have the surgery.

I always advise getting more than one consultation, carefully looking at each surgeon's results, so you can make a good educated decision in selecing the physician to do your work.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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