Can Nose Appear Shorter After Rhinoplasty?

After a Rhinoplasty, can the nose appear shorter than it was before? In my case, my surgeon assures that he didn't shorten the length nor the tip. He says its all swelling and the length will return to normal and the tip will come down eventually. I had my surgery done on April 30, 2009. I had a wide bridge and thick skin on the tip, because I'm from an Indian-Asian backround (female). So I had a closed rhinoplasty done to narrow down the bridge and decrease the size of  my nose.

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It is too soon to say.

All noses appear shorter after surgery due to swelling. I'm sure your nose length will return in a few weeks. I assume you meant 3-30-09 since 4-30-09 hasn't arrived yet-or did you have it done in the future-ha,ha-just kidding. 

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Shorter nose after rhinoplasty

The nose can indeed appear shorter after a rhinoplasty even if the length was not modified. By rotating the tip or altering the nasofrontal angle we can achieve the impression of having altered the length of the nose. It is best that you allow for all the swelling to go away and then you can compare your pre op and post op pictures and see what the change is.

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