Rhinoplasty and Swelling Between the Eyes, Is this Normal? (photo)

I'm on 11th day post-op,revision rhinoplasty.I've noticed upon removal of the cast that I have swollen all the area from eye to eye, and my eyes now look different than preop!.Also the nostrils are unevel(left one is higher than right one) The swollen area between the eyes is very hard to the touch,like a bone. Is this just swelling and will disappear,or something happened to the nasal bone between my eyes?Do you think my nose looks a bit crooked? Thanks a lot! P.D.My surgeon lives in Brazil

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Swelling Between Eyes 11 Days after Revision Rhinoplasty

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Temporary swelling 11 days after surgery can make your nose look big, crooked, asymmetrical, and firm.  E-mail your pictures to your surgeon in Brazil - he can address your concerns and answer your questions better than us. Good Luck.

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Rhinoplasty and swelling

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It is very common to be tender and swollen and a bit bruised after rhinoplasty that may take a few weeks to improve.

It could be quite normal at this stage of recovery

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You have to realize that you are only 11 days after the rhinoplasty surgery. At this stage you are typically quite swollen, the cast just got removed. You will notice areas that are uneven and still some bruising. The good news is you will notice less and less of it over the time. The full recovery time after the rhinoplasty is up to one year. I can only advise you to be very patient to await the final result and discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon

Revision rhinoplasty abroad

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Rhinoplasty the first time can be difficult enough, though secondary rhinoplasty presents bigger challenges. As your surgery was in Brazil and you are only 11 days out, perhaps an e-mail with your photos and questions will help you understand what was done. How it looks? Time will tell.

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