How Much Does Revision Rhinoplasty Cost?

I am from Phoenix, AZ. How much should a revision rhinoplasty with little bone trimming, and some cartilage removal / restructuring cost in US$ terms? I am a male. While I am quite happy with my nose, I do have some extra cartilage on the left side of my nose more than my right. While I have lived with it all these years, I am contemplating rhinoplasty as I have time on my side for recovery. I hope not to head again for any corrective surgery. It almost seems like if that little extra cartilage can be removed from left side of my nose, I would be just fine. I am quite fine with the tip of my nose.

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Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty ranges from 5 to 10K

Revision rhinoplasty should only be performed if the problem you are perceiving is significant enough to warrant surgery and if your surgeon feels they can match those goals. Revision rhinoplasty has the risk of making things worse and it is for this reason that minor imperfections are best left alone. These minor imperfections can often make a rhinoplasty results look even more natural i.e. leaving a small bump on the bridge of the nose.

If you are truly unhappy with your original rhinoplasty, there are many variables that are factored into the cost of your revision.

1. Who is performing the surgery? Most rhinoplasty surgeons who are revising their own surgeries will usually waive the surgical component of the surgery and charge the patient only the facility and anesthesia fee.

2. The extend of the revision? Minor revisions to the bridge of the nose often cost less (around 5 to $ 6,000) than the typical revision patients I see who have what collapsed nasal bridges, retracted/notched nostrils, and cartilage knuckles protruding from their tip all due to an over aggressive rhinoplasty. These patients need complete reconstruction of their noses with replacement of over resected cartilage and bone with grafting materials from their septum, ears, fascia and even rib. These cases can take up to 6 hours to perform and can cost over $ 10,000. The more times a corrective rhinoplasty is attempted the more difficult and costly it becomes to fix it properly.

Don't base your selection of a rhinoplasty surgeon solely on price. Look at their experience, rhinplasty specialization, reviews, photos, and it helps if they have an academic position where they teach rhinoplasty.

Good luck in your search

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Cost of Revision Rhinoplasty

Simply because a rhinoplasty surgery is a "revision" doesn't necessarily mean that it would be a difficult surgery or that it should cost more than a primary rhinoplasty. With the fairly minor changes you are looking for, it sounds like pretty much any experienced rhinoplasty surgeon could handle it and you could expect to have a good result for relatively little cost. Often, surgeons will take advantage of the frustration and fear that a revision rhinoplasty patient has -- and their need to be assured that "this is the last time" that they will ever have have surgery on their nose -- and will charge an exorbitant fee for a relatively simple revision. Actually, the most common reason for revision is because the initial relatively inexperienced surgeon didn't compensate for the effect of gravity following their rhinoplasty by taking enough cartilage down just above the tip of the nose. This common mistake creates what's called a "polybeak", where this area looks fuller or more swollen than ideal. However, this is an incredibly easy fix for the experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, since all he/she has to do is expose this small area of cartilage above the tip and trim usually 2 or 3 millimeters of and be done with it. I personally would not charge more than $3000 for such a surgery (as it still requires more technical skill than usual to work through the scar and the judgement to know exactly how much to remove). Your situation also may just require a little trim of this and that and therefore shouldn't cost much more.

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Revision rhinoplasty

Revising the nose is a generic term that can mean many different things, from a minor revision of an asymmetry of cartilage to totally redoing the entire nose.  Your request sounds relatively simple and would not require an extensive surgical or recovery time.  The cost would depend on the amount and difficulty of the procedure and could vary from $4-10,000.

Wishing you all the best,

Talmage J. Raine MD FACS

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Cost for Revision Rhinoplasty

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to give an accurate cost for revision rhinoplasty. The fee varies enormously depending upon where you live, the experience of the surgeon, and the cost of the operating room facility. If it is performed in the physician's office as an outpatient ambulatory setting, it is usually less expensive. Certainly, the cost of surgery in Los Angeles or New York would be more expensive than surgery in Orlando.

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Revision Rhinoplasty | How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of revision rhinoplasty can vary significantly depending on what needs to be done to correct the problems with the nose. Sometimes a revision is a minor undertaking and can be accomplished in the office with local anesthetic. Most surgeons will correct imperfections that weren't adequatelty addressed or arose from the original surgery for their own patients at no additional charge.

However, if you are seeking a complete "re-do" by another surgeon, the cost can range from $6,000 to $25,000. With major structural deformities, cartilage grafts are required to rebuild the nasal framework. Septal cartilage, while the preferred source of cartilage grafts, has usually been depleted during the first operation. Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeons then have to "borrow" cartilage from another part of the body - such as the ear or rib. This increases the operative time and cost.

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Rhinoplasty and cost

This is a hard question to answer without a good exam. 

The cost can vary from 8K to 20K. 

The reason of the large variation is the complicated fashion a revision rhinoplasty needs to be approached.

The extreme is when the nose is very deformed and requires cartilage harvest from the ear or the rib with total rebuilding. It does sound like the changes you want are minor but whenever the nose has been manipulated prior it does make.

Hope this helps.


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How Much Does Revision Rhinoplasty Cost?

Revision rhinoplasty is a specialty onto itself.
Members of the  Rhinoplasty Society have a large enough volume of rhinoplasty cases as well as the interest in focusing their attention on this area.

Revision rhinoplasty requires innovation, creativity and experience as the natural anatomy of the nose has been altered, damaged or is missing. The skin can also be damaged or altered adding another element of complexity.
Finally, there may be functional(breathing) and/or aesthetic considerations requiring harvesting of materials from other areas such as the ear, and scalp adding to the time and complexity.

Some aesthetic issues, from minor to complex, are well suited to non surgical therapy, specifically injectable rhinoplasty. This is good as a way to "test drive" the surgeon or as a permanent solution

Insurance reimbursement for trauma and/or breathing related issues is possible when the patient has out of network benefits. Otherwise surgical fees can vary from $7500-$10,000 for the nasal component; injectable rhinoplasty is roughly $1000-2000.

Hope this helps

Andrew Kornstein, MD, FACS
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Revision rhinoplasty  will cost as much if not more than the primary surgery. It may take more time and requires more expertise and judgement. The nose is a dynamic structure and you cannot change one part without affecting the rest

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
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Cost of a revision rhinoplasty or nosejob in AZ, CA, or NV

As everyone else mentioned, the cost varies from surgeon to surgeon, typically depending on the surgeon's experience, talent, popularity and geography.  High prices don't always mean high quality, however.  The low end of surgeon's fee is around 6,000 while the higher ranges around 25,000 for revisions.  Most surgeons charge about 2-3k more for a revision because of the difficulty and liability. Most importantly, you need to find a surgeon who specializes in revisions as most of them require a greater degree of skill and potentially grafting in order to repair the problem.  Problems vary greatly.  Most surgeons would not consider doing a revision before 1 year unless the deformity was clearly not going to go away within that time. 

Ben Talei, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty costs

Revision rhinoplasty is a potentially complex surgery based on what you have had done in the past, and what you are looking to achieve.  The difficulty from revision surgery comes from the increased density of tissue, possible scar in the area, and rearrangement of cartilage that may have occurred with your primary rhinoplasty.  Sometimes cartilage may have to be harvested and this adds time to the procedure.  Consult a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get an estimate based on your particular needs.  

Christopher Khorsandi, MD
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