Is Possible to Reverse a Cephalic Trim?

about a year ago i had my nose straightened, dorsal bump removed and a cephalic trim to lift a droopy tip. my surgeon did a great job but i cant seem to adapt to the change and i basically want it reversed, i spoke to my surgeon and was told it is possible to droop the tip back by adding cartilage to push it back down and guessing the bridge will be augmented. is it possible to reverse the changes made? if so what cartilage graft would be best to use? and what would be the success rate? thanks

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Revisions of a rhinoplasty are difficult.

Revisional surgery might not be in your best interest. Cartilage grafting is tricky in the likelihood of restoring your nose to its preoperative state is unlikely.

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Reversing Rhinoplasty Results

A revision rhinoplasty can be done, but it is very unlikely that the nose can be made exactly like it was before your original surgery. Cartilage can be harvested from the septum, was, or ribs to augment your nose.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Is Possible to Reverse a Cephalic Trim?

      Adding cartilage to the tip will restore fullness to the tip, but this maneuver generally will not depress the tip.  However, other maneuvers can be employed to reposition the tip or lengthen the nose as the anatomy dictates.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Secondary rhinoplasty question

A revision could certainly be performed if your are not happy with your result following a rhinoplasty.  A cartilage graft could be performed to fill in the area that is depressed by resection of the cephalic portion of the lower lateral cartilage.  

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Reversing a cephalic trim

Sorry that you are unhappy with your results.  While certain maneuvers can be used to restore some of you earlier appearance it usually can not be completely reversed.

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Is Possible to Reverse a Rhinoplasty?

 You would not be able to obtain the exact shape of your old nose no matter what is done during a Revision Rhinoplasty, so be certain that you understand aesthetically what the outcome will be from the planned revision.  

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Is Possible to Reverse a Cephalic Trim?

Although the surgery can be "reversed" by adding cartilage and rotating the tip, that does not mean you should do it. However, if you decide to do this, do NOT expect to have the same nose as before your rhinoplasty. Changes to skin and new scar tissue make it very unlikely that your nose will be the same as before. Have a good discussion with your surgeon about your expectations and likelihood of being happy. 

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Revision rhinoplasty

You cannot go back in time and undo a surgery. You say your surgeon did a great job but you cannot "adapt" and want your hump and droopy tip back that is a red flag for trouble. How will you be able to judge the results of the revision? The chances of you being unhappy again are high. I feel sorry for your surgeon.

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