Blood Clot on Stitches?

I had rhinoplasty four days ago. There's blood on tape on collumela, and one nostril has a lot of dried blood on. I'm not bleeding anymore, but the hard dried blood is present inside and around my nose (although I clean it when it is too outside). Will this dried blood on stitches and collumela result in bad results ?

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Dried Blood Around Nose After Rhinoplasty

It is normal to have dried blood in these areas and this should not affect your results. I suggest to continue keeping the outside areas clean. I do tell my patients they can use some hydrogen peroxide on a Q tip to help as well as keeping the incisions moist with ointment.

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Blood Clot on Stitches?

        Some residual dried blood is the norm, and this by itself should not result in deleterious effects.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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