Piece of Cartilage in Nostril After Rhinoplasty, Can this be Fixed? (photo)

This is sort of difficult to explain, but after rhinoplasty I've had a piece of something - seems like cartilage - in my left nostril. It runs down the inside of my nose like a scar, and the largest piece is bendable so it sticks out. Also, on the left side, there is a lack of 'growth' or support where the nostril meets the dividing skin between the two nostrils (hopefully that makes sense). What is going on here? Does this happen naturally to other rhino patients? Can it be fixed?

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Cartilage in nostril after rhinoplasty

Based on you photo there seems to be an edge of the cartilage, or perhaps scar forming a ridge. There is a bit of cartilage in the area called a 'scroll' where the cartilage of the tip and bridge come together. There may be a piece pushing down and your surgeon may wish to remove it.

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Piece of Cartilage in Nose after Rhinoplasty

I'm sorry, but your pictures do not clearly show what you are describing. Whether this is cartilage or scar tissue, I'm confident that it can be corrected.

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You describe something that can likely be fixed or improved.  Consult your concerns with your surgeon and (s)he will likely be able to improve it.

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Thanks for the pictures but they don,t really show the problem . You need to stick with your doctor through the healing period. If you have what I think you have, it can be fixed.

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Post Rhinoplasty

I would suggest showing this to your surgeon to get advice.  Without more information or seeing you in person, it is difficult to give you specific advice.  Hopefully you have been following closely with your doctor post-op.

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