I'm a flight attendant. Can I have a rhinoplasty?

Hi i m a flight attandant and i wants to hav a rehnoplasty. But is this procedure will be gud for me? I have a wide nose and wants to minimise my nasals.. Please guide

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I'm a flight attendant. Can I have a rhinoplasty?

Greetings Thank you for your question, You can have Rhinoplasty with your kind of job after rhinoplasty operation you will need to take time for recovery 2 to 3 weeks either then that the should be no risk for having the surgery.

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Rhinoplasty in flight attendant

If surgery is uneventful, after two weeks most patients are given permission to fly. One wonders about a possible spontaneous nose bleed, when one is not near medical assistance. By two weeks that risk is small.

Dennis Barek, MD
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I am a Flight Attendant; Can I have a Rhinoplasty?

I am a flight attendant; can I have a rhinoplasty? Your profession will not interfere with having rhinoplasty surgery. I would not say that if you were a professional boxer or martial arts performer; all flight attendants I know avoid physical trauma.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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There is nothing about being a flight attendant that would preclude a successful rhinoplasty from being performed. Being in a pressurized cabin does not influence a rhinoplasty recovery or how the nose functions afterwards.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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