If I get rhinoplasty could I go back to work 3- 4 days post-op?

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Rhinoplasty Recovery

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Thanks for your question. Each surgeon will have their own post-op protocol for their rhinoplasty patients, however 3-4 days sounds very soon to return to work. My patients have their cast on and sutures in for a full week following surgery, in which time it's very important that they rest and allow their body to heal. After the cast comes off, patients generally have some residual swelling and possible bruising. Depending on the type of work that you do, you could potentially be ready to return to work anywhere from 1-3 weeks after surgery. If your job requires manual labor, it's important to allow your body enough time to rest before returning to work. This helps to ensure that you don't over-exert yourself too soon, which can have an impact on your rhinoplasty result.

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If I get rhinoplasty could I go back to work 3- 4 days post-op?

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You should be able to get back to work after one week if you do not have a job that involves manual labor.

Good luck!

Returning to Work

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Any surgical procedure requires proper healing time to ensure optimal results. After receiving a rhinoplasty, you should follow the instructions your board-certified plastic surgeon gave you. These are specific to your circumstances and your unique procedure.

Returning to work after a rhinoplasty should be done with caution. You may experience bruising and discomfort for a while after your procedure. Depending on what you do for work, this can be exacerbated. If you have further questions regarding your personalized rhinoplasty, contact your surgeon.

Hope this helps! Best of luck!

I Returned to Work and All Activities Nine Days after Rhinoplasty

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I had a typical course after my rhinoplasty. Felt great after a couple of days. By nine days  I was back at work seeing patient; some swelling but not terrible. Was back swimming.

Four days is pushing it a bit, to me. Why not take a week off. Have your procedure on a Thursday or Friday and use the weekend days to recover. You want to avoid doing too much in the first week or so; you want swelling to reduce and don't want a nosebleed. Relax, do some things you have put off, like seeing some movies or reading a couple of books. You will have the rest of your life to enjoy your new nose!

Best wishes.

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Recovering from rhinoplasty and returning to work

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Recovering from rhinoplasty is a healing process. Part of that process is taking time to heal. 

Ideally, two weeks is more than adequate for someone to recover from rhinoplasty and return to work. However, if the patient does not do anything strenuous at work, doesn't mind showing off their nasal cast for the first week, and they are off narcotic pain medications, a few of my patients start work in a few days. Each case is unique. At each subsequent follow-up appointment, I let my patients know what they can and cannot do based on their progress. Safety comes first. 

Rhinoplasty and work

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You will likely be bruised, swollen, and splinted at 4 days post-op. I would not recommend it........

Return to work

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This depends on what you mean. In today's society, working from home or in a secluded atmosphere is entirely possible as long as you can take breaks or stop if you feel tired. Committing to a full work day especially if it means any type of strain would be ill advised.


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michcont5, I would not recommend it; you will be too tired from lack of sleep. but ultimately it is between you and your surgeon so you should be asking them. good luck!

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If I get a rhinoplasty could I go back to work 3 to 4 days postop?

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In our practice, a cast is applied across the bridge of the nose for six days. Anticipate 10 to 14 days of visible bruising and swelling after the procedure. We also ask the patients refrain from any strenuous activity or exercise for two weeks after the procedure to prevent a nosebleed. Most patients take at least a week to 10 days off from their work environment.

Rhinoplasty recovery

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Thank you for your question. This is a very common one amongst patients considering rhinoplasty. I generally recommend that my patients wait 10-14 days until returning to work. The external splint and any sutures will be removed one week after surgery. Swelling begins to subside starting about 10-14 days after surgery, with the most significant decrease in swelling between 4-6 weeks. Generally, patients are presentable (i.e. sufficient decrease in swelling and bruising) at the 10-14 day mark. Depending on what you do for a living, it is possible to get back to work after the splint is removed, however you must do so with the understanding that you will be swollen and may have some resolving bruising. More time off is better than less. I recommend patients plan to take off two weeks from work. If you feel up to going back sooner, you can always do so. Conversely if you feel you need additional recovery time, you will have it.

Best of luck!

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