Can anything be done to improve a scar from a Whipple operation? (photo)

I had the Whipple operation in 2006 at Mayo Clinic. The scar is very long and looks like a frown on my abdomen. I am very self conscious regarding it. Can anything be done to improve the appearance. The muscles of the abdomen were cut and I now have a bulge. Than you.

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Whipple Scar Solutions--Revision and combination lasers

A combination of revision and lasers would be able to improve this scar. Co2 laser is the most effective, it has a lot of downtime.  Ematrix works great for acne scars but takes many treatments for body and other surgical scars.  I suggest seeing a lasers and scarring for a formal evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Can anything be done to improve a scar from a Whipple operation?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Improvement in a surgical scar can be performed, while also correcting any underlying muscle laxity, by way of a surgical revision.  The older scar can be surgically removed and with this exposure the underlying musculature can be tightened before closing the overlying skin in such a manner as to avoid any indentation.  Be sure to see an ASPS board certified plastic surgeon in consultation to discuss your options.  

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