Does Having Oily Skin Mean You Have Thick Skin?

Hi, I had my septorhinoplasty done 10 weeks ago, I had no tip work done but a hump removed and my nose was deprojected a bit. However my the mid portion of my nose around the middle vault area and the tip appear HUGEE and wide, also thats making my nostrils look more flared out when I smile and I absolutely dont like the results so far. I have oily skin and I heard that can slow down the healing. Do you think my oily skin is a factor in my swelling or are this just the result of my surgery?

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Thick skin will effect a rhinoplasty result

Oily skin is often hypersebaceous and is frequently thicker.  Thicker skin is will have more of a problem with redraping after a rhinoplasty.  

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Does Having Oily Skin Mean You Have Thick Skin?

 Possibly however a better indicationis to decide whether, or not, the underlying nasal tip cartilages are easilly visible through the skin = thin skin or they are obscured = thick skin. 

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Oily skin

Oily skin is often thick skin.  Thick skin often takes longer for the swelling to resolve and should improve over time.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

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Rhinoplasty in thick skin noses

First, it is too early to determine the final outcome. Noses with thick skin and many sebaceous glands tend to be difficult to achieve a refined tip as skin does not drape well over the restructured cartilage framework. Therefore, the skin has to thinned down which are usually not done. Recommend waiting at least 9-12 months if not longer to see the result.

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Does Having Oily Skin Mean You Have Thick Skin?

Dear JD,

Thank you for your questions.  Yes, oily skin is often thicker than dry skin, all else being equal.  The mid portion of the nose can be wider when you remove the hump if osteotomies are not performed.  Having before and after photos helps.

Best Wishes, 

Pablo Prichard, MD

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