How long will the swelling from microneedling around the eyes and forehead last? (Photo)

I just did the microneedling in my face, yesterday at 6:00 PM today is 6:00 AM and, my fisician told me I may have dermographisim. I still have swollen around the eyes and forehead. Is that normal? How long it will the swollen last?

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Swelling after microneedling

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Swelling from the micro needling will last at least several days. The injury that is caused to the skin needs several days to heal. Make sure that you are moisturizing and protecting the skin during this time to maximize the healing potential. Best of luck. 

Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon

Swelling After Microneedling

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Hello Lourdess,

It is very normal to have swelling after microneedling, and the swelling usually last about 2-3 days. I always recommend taking it easy the first 48 hours after being treated to let your skin heal. If you are still experiencing discomfort follow up with your provider. Hope this helps.

Swelling after microneedling

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Hello! Thank you for your question, and for sharing your pictures. To answer your concern - yes - this is very normal. Most people will experience some swelling in the 24-48 hours after microneedling, and it will resolve on its own. If you have itching or hives, benadryl can help the swelling go away. If you begin to have increasing redness, pain, or signs of infection, however, you should see your provider. I hope this helps and good luck!

Flora Waples, MD
Denver Physician

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