One Nostril Looks a Lot Bigger Than the Other 5 Days After Rhinoplasty, is This Normal? (photo)

I had a closed rhinoplasty 5 days ago, and am so worried that one side of my nose is larger than the other, the nostril sticks out more and just looks larger in general. is this something to worry about? or is it normal? Please get back to me its all i see when i look in the mirror.

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Uneven Nostrils 5 Days Post-Rhinoplasty

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Yes, uneven swelling is completely normal, especially in the first few days after surgery. This is the most crucial recovery time and swelling is relatively more apparent in the days immediately following a nose job. Your condition is likely to work itself out and is not something to be worried about. Still, I would suggest that you consult the surgeon who operated on you to further discuss your individual case. 

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Early Post-op Rhinoplasty

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       It is normal to be a little anxious right after surgery. Your Photos appear very early and you look like you still have on the original surgical dressing. You still have swelling, the skin-soft tissue envelope has not adapted to your new framework and there may be distortion from a splint or the dressing itself. Relax, the nose will change over the next 12 months(more in the first 8 weeks) and at one year what you see is what you get-usually. It is way to early to determine any thing.

Hope this helps.


Stephen E. Metzinger MD MSPH FACS

Early rhinplasty post op

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It's easy to be anxious and nervous about your rhinoplasty result. It looks like your original surgical dressing is still in place and you still have post op swelling. Wait until the dressing is off and swelling subsided. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon during the next visit but remain patient. You nose will undergo quite a change after the surgery so don't judge it too early.

Best Wishes,

Stewart Wang, MD FACS, Wang Plastic Surgery

Stewart Wang, MD, FACS
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Too early to be worried about asymmetry

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In the first several months after surgery, your nose will evolve as the swelling subside and the structural changes made during surgery settle in.  At this point I would recommend to wait longer before assessing the long-term shape of the nose.  When you see you surgeon, raise you concerns to him or her.  Most likely you will be advised to wait a bit longer.  Best of luck.

David W. Kim, MD
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Asymmetry 5 days after a rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question and for providing the photos. It is very early in your recovery from your rhinoplasty. It is far too early to be concerned about the final result based on what you are now able to see. Your nose will continue to change as it gradually heals and the swelling resolves. After several weeks, you will have a better idea of the final result.

For now, I would try not to worry much and let your body heal. While it is easy for me to say not to worry, most of these issues resolve on their own and are quite common.

Best of luck with your new nose.

Jeff Rockmore

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