How Do Noses Change Shape?

Hi I'm 24 years old and I wanted a nose job for ever. I'm a thin and short person everyone tell me that my nose appears to be to big for my face because of the shape and size of my face. Will my nose change if I gan weight with or without rhinoplasty? Any help or advice you can give will be great!:) thanks

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Nose shape does not depend on your weight

The nose will not change shape depending upon weight gain or loss. There is no fat in the nose structure. The face does have fat present which will change shape depending upon weight gain or loss.  For many examples of rhinoplasty, please see the link below  to our photo gallery

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Nasal shape and weight

The shape of the  nose is not dependent upon your weight. It will not look smaller or bigger with weight gain.

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Nose changes with age

Generally noses can change during the adolescent growth spurt and are one fo the last structures to mature wiht puberty. After that noses generally remain stable. However with passage of decades, the typically becomes more lax as does the cartilaginous structures of the nose and the resulting loss of support can make the tip appear to plunge, the nose appear to lengthen, and the humpt to appear larger.

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Nose shape and weight gain

The shape of your nose will not change appreciably as your weight fluctuates. The nose does change and become slightly larger with age, but this is independent of your body type or amount of body fat. 

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Does your nose change shape with weight gain or loss?

Thank you for the great question. In short, no, your nose will not change shape with weight gain or loss. The nose doesn't have the same kind of fat that you have in the abdomen, thighs, and other parts of the body.  There are some changes in nose shape with age, but these are related to the cartilage and bone.

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Rhinoplasty and age/weight related changes in nasal anatomy

Weight changes, both gains or losses, do almost nothing to change your nasal shape.  Minimal fat is stored in the nose, though these changes will affect your surrounding face.  As you age, the connections between your nasal cartilages become lax.  As you become older, the tip may droop due to these changes.  The laxity will also make the nose appear to be longer and may accentuate a dorsal hump, but these changes occur very gradually and are most apparent late in life.  At your age, this is not a concern.  For more detailed eval, see your local board certified plastic surgeon or post a pic.

Hope this helps!!

Jason Hess, MD

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Weight fluctuations post rhinoplasty don't affect the nose

The nose changes during adolescence until the end of puberty. Once you are fully grown, your nose will not change substantially as an adult. Of course, as you get much older, a certain degree of thinning of the skin occurs throughout the face. The overall size and shape of your nose, however, should be permanent after you have healed completely from your rhinoplasty, regardless of body weight fluctuations.

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Nose shape and height

Typically, once you reach a certain age your nose stops growing in proportion to your face. It is not affected by weight gains or losses. Acne and scarring can affect the size of the nose and trauma can alter the appearance but weight gain has little to no effect. I hope this information helps.

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Nose Changes with Weight and Age

Your nose will not change shape secondary to fluctuations in body weight. Now that you are physically mature at age 24, your nose will gradually change as part of the aging process, whether or not you have a rhinoplasty. Noses on senior citizens are generally longer and bigger secondary to normal aging and gravity. Have your rhinoplasty and enjoy your new appearance.

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Nasal shape will not change with weight gain

Rhinoplasty will produce stable changes in the nose that will last a lifetime. There is little risk that your nose will change shape with weight loss or gain.

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