Is It Normal to Have Tip Swelling Without Any Tip Work Done?

As of today I'm two and a half weeks post-op. I had a deviated septum repair with dorsal hump reduction, bilateral osteotomies, and narrowing of my lateral cartilages. I believe I had a closed procedure because I don't have any external incisions. I'm concerned because it seems as though most of the swelling has subsided except for in the tip. It's swollen enough that there is a large amt of asymmetry and a slight upward pull. Is it normal to have this tip swelling when I didn't have any tip work done?

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Normal swelling after a rhinoplasty

The end of the nose is a very common area to experience swelling after a rhinoplasty even if no tip work was performed.  

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Is It Normal to Have Tip Swelling Without Any Tip Work Done?

      Tip swelling occurs after rhinoplasty even in the absence of tip work.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Post op tip swelling

It is very normal to have post op nasal tip swelling after a rhinoplasty even if no tip work was performed.  Due to gravity the tip will swell after surgery.  Even if no tip changes were performed the tissue will swell due to the surgery around this area.  The tip swelling should continue to to down over time. 

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Tip Swelling After Closed Rhinoplasty

It is perfectly normal to have tip swelling even after a closed rhinoplasty. This will take 2 to 3  months to completely go down.

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Nasal tip swelling after rhinoplasty

Whether you have an open or closed rhinoplasty, you will have swelling of the tip. This will take several months or longer to heal and soften.

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Tip Edema After Rhinoplasty

Based on the details on your surgery, you should definitely expect to have tip swelling after your rhinoplasty.  Narrowing your lateral cartilages involves work near the tip and the other components of your surgery will cause edema to the entire soft tissue envelope (skin and muscle) of your nose.  In terms of noticing asymmetries at this time, it is way too early to reach any definitive conclusions.

Michael J. Lipan M.D.  Facial Plastic Surgery of Palm Beach Gardens and West Palm Beach, FL.

Michael Lipan, MD
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Rhinoplasty tip swelling

Post rhinoplasty tip swelling is normal even though no tip surgery was performed.How much work was done at the base of your nose with your septal surgery? Ask your surgeon when you see him/her again?

David A. F. Ellis, MD
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