What Are the Factors That Could Affect the Final Result of the Shape of Nose After Rhinolplasty Beside Traumas ?

please i want to know the things that may Adversely affect the shape of nose after rhinoplasty beside traumas

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Rhinoplasty healing

Thank you for your question about rhinoplasty healing. Factors affecting the final result of a rhinoplasty other than injury or trauma include - 

  1. nasal infection, inflammation and allergies,
  2. warping of cartilage implanted during the rhinoplasty,
  3. skin quality and thickness, 
  4. irritation from internal rhinoplasty sutures,
  5. settling of the nose from loss of internal support from septoplasty,
  6. And much much more!  Discuss specific concerns with your surgeon. Best wishes. 

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Factors that influence the shape of the nose after rhinoplasty

  The healing process of rhinoplasty is a three-dimensional contraction process that can be quite variable.   Some of these very levels include thick skin versus thin skin, whether cartilage grafts were placed, propensity for fluid retention  in the tip, gravity and the and how each patient reacts to the surgical process.

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Factors which affect healing

There are many things that can affect the outcome of surgery. After surgery, factors such as swelling, skin elasticity, and following directions would be at the top of my list. Some patient's tissues just handle swelling better than others. In many patients the swelling resolves along a predictable timeline, while others it takes longer. That's where following your surgeon's directions is important. Hope this helps.

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