Sunscreen application directly after a laser or microneedling procedure?

Should I apply sunscreen *directly after* a clear and brilliant laser procedure (like a mild fraxel restore) or microneedling procedure, before leaving the office? I'm concerned that chemicals (such as nanoparticles) could enter my bloodstream through the injury created by the laser or needling, and increase systemic absorption.

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Sunscreen after laser

After any laser procedure my nurses always apply sunscreen to the areas before the patient leaves the office; if it is at risk of being in direct sunlight.  After microneedling, we do not place sunscreen as we are usually doing it with PRP.  We recommend going home and allowing the PRP to stay on the skin of at least 4 hours.  It is best to ask your nurse or doctor what they recommend based on the exact procedure you are getting. Best of luck to you! 

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Always Ask Your Dr.

 The risk of sun exposure after a laser treatment are poor healing and inflammation of the skin. The risk of a systemic reaction with using sunscreen after microneedling would be extremely rare. I would discuss your concerns with your Dr and create a plan for aftercare. Best, Dr. Emer

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