Which one is preferable Micro-needling with PRP vs E-Matrix? (Photo)

I have been advised different treatments by different doctors for acne scars.i'm with dark skin. could you please suggest me which can be a better treatment out of Micro-needling with PRP vs E-Matrix.

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A series of microneedling with PRP would be a great place to start for your acne scars. I would recommend setting up a consultation with your provider and determining a treatment plan . Best, Dr Farz

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Microneedling vs ematrix


Thank you for your question.  Either microneedling or ematrix can help with the scarring but it will take several treatments over the course of months (I'm experienced with both microneedling devices and the ematrix for acne scars and I've seen good results with both; though I will say you may see faster improvement with a microneedling RF device.).  Some of your scars are ice-pick scars which are difficult to treat and may require a combination of treatments (maybe even some subcision and filler) to improve them. Before starting any treatment, it's important to see a physician who is experienced in these treatments for evaluation. 

Best, Jennifer 

Jennifer Chwalek, MD
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Go with Microneedling/PRP

Microneedling/PRP is a great start. Acne scarring can be treated with a combination approach of lasers (Vbeam for darker skin tones), peels, skin care, microneedling/PRP and fillers. I suggest consulting with an experienced cosmetic dermatologist. Best, Dr. Emer

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