Can nose grow back if it was only strongly rasped or cut with tiny saw from sides of the nose and upper 2/3 on top? No fractures

I'm starting to get desperate. I had midfacelift with good results. But doctor had extra time during the surgery and made my nose smaller ( width little more than a pen ) and erased my hump. Now it has also inverted v deformity when I make expressions with my face and bulbous tip. I did not want a rhinoplasty. It has been 7 months and I am depressed. I read the type of injury I have on my nose now is the hardest to repair.

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Inverted V deformity

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Inverted V and bulbous tip can both be treated with revision rhinoplasty. You might need regular steroid injections after the revision surgery for a few months. RegardsDr J

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Sorry about your disappointment.  Not sure what is going on for you, but if osteotomies were not done, that might be why you have an open roof issue. Since you are only 7 months out, you likely should give it a full year to heal before undergoing a revision.

Steven Wallach, MD
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