A week ago I got fat transfer to my lips; there are hard lumpy parts & are still very uneven. Dr said it is normal? (Photos)

Hard lumpy areas,Uneven spots on top and bottom,does this go away with time,or am I already seeing problems. 1 week and 3 days post op

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Fat Transfer to Lips, Final Results?

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Lumps and swelling from fat transfer to the lips can persist for several weeks. I suggest allowing adequate time to decrease swelling before judging optimal results. Light massage may help. Best, Dr. Emer

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Earlier lumpiness

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it's too early to tell.

Some lumpiness or uneven contours is common after fat transfer.

Most likely this should improve though no one can tell you for sure if it will give you the results you were hoping for or if the results will be perfectly even.
Unfortunately facial fat transfer is fickle and can be technically challenging and somewhat unpredictable.
For now your best thing to do is to be patient and follow up with your doctor.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Uneven lumpy lips soon after fat transfer

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I perform  fat transfer  very frequently in my practice and whenever I see uneven lips soon after surgery, i am put  on high alert. In this case, I would be seeking out a dilute steroid or Kenalog injection into the area perhaps with some 5-fluorouracil  to smooth out the area. This approach is often times very successful in ensuring a smooth result. Obviously bring up your concerns with your doctor and best of luck.

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Uneven fat grafting to the lips

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You may try messaging any lumps out but you do have to be careful so that you don't overdue it as you can create divots

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