I had fat transfer to lips and cheeks 4 days ago; did it succeed?

Im only 20 and i had fat transfer for permenant lip and cheek augmentation (i have really thin lips and face But almost half of the volume in my lips are gone and that's just 4 days after the procedure.....does it mean that the procedure didnt succeed? Will i keep losing volume for 3 months???

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Fat Transfer Results, Are They Permanent?

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After 6-12 weeks if the fat is there, it stays forever in my experience unless you have extreme weight loss -- then you can lose fat everywhere. I suggest you see an expert and do sculptra/PRP to get long term improvement and maintenance of the fat. PRP and purgraft give the best outcome and viability. Best, Dr. Emer

Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fat grafting on lips

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Hello,  thank you for your question.  After doing fat grafting we always expect that a percentage of the fat will reabsorb.   For that matter we usually put more fat than what we want as a final result expecting this to happen. Have a good day.

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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